- Jack M. Cooper -
Founder, President, and CEO JMCooper & Associates

Jack Cooper is President and Founder of JMCooper & Associates, an IT consulting firm that specializes in designing and implementing value and supply chain management systems that exploit Internet technologies for competitive advantage.

Prior to founding JMCooper & Associates, Mr. Cooper was Corporate Vice president and CIO for Bristol-Myers Squibb. In this position, he has implemented large-scale, enterprise-wide, Web-based supply chain and knowledge management systems that have increased productivity by billions of dollars. In addition, Mr. Cooper has served on the CEO's Strategic Issues Committee and as Chairman of the Information Management Executive Council.

Prior to joining Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mr. Cooper served for several years as Corporate Vice President and CIO, and as a member of the Executive Committee at the Seagram Company. He previously spent ten years at the CSX Corporation, a worldwide transportation company, where he became President and CEO of CSX Technology.

His academic and governmental experiences include ten years Vice President of Information Technology at the University of South Carolina, Associate Professor in Management at the University of Missouri and visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at Fordham University, the Graduate School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University and Kellogg Institute at Northwestern University.

Mr. Cooper holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University, an M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri and has completed the course work for a PhD. in Business Administration at the University of South Carolina. Mr. Cooper has published numerous articles and has received several awards and recognition as a leader in the effective use of information technology.

- Jeffrey F. Kasper -
Vice President - Corporate Strategy, JMCooper & Associates

JMCooper & Associates is a firm that specializes in designing and implementing value and supply chain management systems that exploit Internet technologies for competitive advantage.

Prior to joining JMCooper & Associates, Mr. Kasper was the Director of Corporate Information Technology at Bristol-Myers Squibb, working directly for Jack Cooper, former Vice President and CIO of BMS, and currently President and CEO of JMCooper & Associates. In this position, he managed the implementation of a large-scale ERP system using SAP/R3, Ariba, and Plumtree systems, focusing on incorporating the Human Resource component of this enterprise-wide system as well as the company intranet portal. Mr. Kasper also created the business case to implement an on-line reverse auction procurement system to reduce spending on commodities by up to 30%. These systems were used as the foundation for company-wide productivity initiatives generating over $3.38 billion in savings. These initiatives facilitated the integration of manufacturing supply chain on a global basis, consolidation of financial transaction processing into central shared services organization, centralization of purchasing on a company-wide basis, implementation of a “single face” to customer integrating logistics and order administration and customer services across three business units. The success of this effort allowed for the integration of the IT organization into a global unit, thereby reducing IT costs by 15%.

During his tenure at JMCooper & Associates, Mr. Kasper joined Novartis Pharmaceuticals as an Executive Director of Global Human Resources Information Technology to lead a world-wide $65 MM SAP HR installation. This system was designed to provide the employees with a single point-of-entry to the company’s intranet portal. Further, the system was also designed to provide controlled access to global personnel data, permitting Novartis Human Resource professionals to search for internal employees within Novartis for opportunities before conducting an exterior search. This facilitated the exploitation of Novartis’ internal talent pool while reducing external employment search fees. This system was also created to streamline hiring practices, as well as to assist in identifying talented associates for current sales force openings as rapidly as possible.

Once this project was on solid footing, Mr. Kasper moved into a strategic position within US Pharmaceuticals at Novartis, heading up an effort to blueprint the current state of information technology within the business unit. Subsequent to the completion of this effort, the focus changed to evaluating all base-lined systems, looking for redundancies as well as opportunities for savings. Finally, this project produced a go-forward strategy to retire obsolete systems, as well as provide recommendations for next generation software and infrastructure.

Prior to joining Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mr. Kasper worked for several years at Union Switch & Signal, a global railroad and transit supplier. Mr. Kasper served in many capacities while at US&S, including Product Manager of the Office Control Center product line. He led the effort to create two new products while in this role; an Optimization Traffic Planner (OTP) which maximizes the amount of traffic that can be safety transported over a rail system, and the Track Warrant System (TWS), which helped short-line railroads automate and streamline their operations to safely move cargo on their rails. In addition, Mr. Kasper evaluated component installation companies for merger and acquisition potential to help increase US&S’ component market share.

Mr. Kasper began his career at the National Security Agency, a component of the Department of Defense. He worked as a Cryptologic Mathematician and Computer System Analyst at NSA, and was awarded a Meritorious Service Award for his work during the Persian Gulf War (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm).

Mr. Kasper holds a B.S. in Mathematics from The University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business. Mr. Kasper has also attended the National Cryptologic School at Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland and the Defense Intelligence College in Washington, D.C.


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